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Management Development

Managing Forward

A strong management needs to continue to grow and develop.

Do you want managers who achieve goals? Who are aligned with the strategy? Who feel they belong? Do you want dynamic and effective managers? You have reached the right place.


Experiential Learning

Through our experiential courses, managers reach high levels of involvement and learning, and are able to apply our tools to their day-to-day workdays.  

Managers Course

A practical journey to developing management skills

This course connects participants to business objectives, relevant management scenarios, and advances their management skills.


The course includes group sessions and individual coaching resulting in managers who promote their organization and create a collaborative environment.

Management Trainees Course

Safe entry into the world of management

Special sessions for employees are held prior to their first managerial position.

The course includes practicing scenarios participants will experience in their new positions, discussing how to manage relevant dilemmas and grooming of management skills.

The practical exercises in this course enable smooth entry into one’s first managerial position.

Digital Managers Course

Improves skills and enriches management knowledge online

The digital training is short, unique and provides an enriching experience for your management. The course teaches independent skills and creates ongoing interest in continuous learning.


The course’s lectures can be viewed at any time via Facebook or WhatsApp. No installation or learning of software is required. The course also provides a professional facilitator who conducts personal coaching sessions online.

Personal Coaching for Managers

One-on-one focussed sessions

Advising managers on how to remove barriers while dealing with the organizational environment and business objectives.

The focus is on personal strengths and provides an avenue to share thoughts and to deal with the loneliness of being in a top position.

Team development

Forming a unified way to success

A 3-day experiential workshop is designed for teams and staff who work together.


The connection and cohesion created in the workshop are the basis for collaboration and effective communication.

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