About us

Leadership Team

Dr. Yael Lapidot

Co-founder, Partner and expert in organizational leadership development. She manages the Management Development department and the Internal Surveys team. Dr Lapidot is also the Vice Dean of the School of Business Administration at the College of Management.


Michal Blat-Ben-David

Co-founder, Partner, and CEO. Expert in change management and coaching senior managers. She is the leader for the development of the Change Management Methodology.


Yehudit Adiv

Senior Executive Coaching Consultant. She coaches business units and managers in human resources, development, and organizational consulting. Specializes in leading practical processes in the Technology, Banking and Finance sectors.

"When you change the way one looks at things, the things you look at change." 

דיתי אביב

Limor Baladav

Director of Change Management. Leads cross-organizational and ground breaking projects. Expert in managing change processes and experienced working with many Israeli and global organizations.

"Change is a way of life. Every change is a new adventure that bring partners from one place to the next.”                                                


Ofer Bar Ziv

Senior organizational development and change management consultant and manager. Specializing in leading organizational changes and business transformation. Knows how to connect between people, processes and systems, and leads cross company and cross borders processes.


"Today, the survivor is not the strong one, rather the one who knows how to change and adopt" 

Ofer Bar Ziv

Reli Ben-David Friedman

Organizational Consultant and Business Coach for improving and streamlining processes in organizations.

"My uniqueness is applying an approach that combines experience and professionalism, listening to the needs of customers, establishing personal rapport with customers and integrating them into the process in order to implement the changes effectively."


Michal Dover

Organizational & Change Management Consultant experienced in management consulting, management development, leading change processes, training, team development, and leadership development.

“I work collaboratively with leadership to implement strategy, am adept at recognizing people-related gaps and barriers and working together to define suitable solutions to achieve immediate strategic goals.”


Liat Duani

Senior Organizational Consultant who leads and promotes complex processes in organizations and is an expert in guiding managers and upper management.

“Anything is possible as long as there are good intentions and someone to guide you through it.”


Ella Eny-Gez

Is a veteran Organizational Consultant who specializes in facilitating leadership-development programs in organizations in diverse ways.


"I love people, am fascinated by groups, the thinking process and humor - and bring all these facets into my work.” 


Chava Gershoni

Senior Organizational Consultant who develops and implements organizational processes that combine innovation, technology and efficiency. Expert in guiding managers and teams in the process of changing and improving service in a wide range of organizations.

"The leader looks at the change - the people in the organization bring about its realization."


Keren Kogan

Organizational Consultant, Executive Coach and Group Facilitator who specializes in promoting organizational, group and personal learning processes.


"Learning stems from experimenting, experiencing and friction with reality while developing self-awareness, challenging reality and ways of thinking. This in turn works with managers in both personal and group settings.” 


Yafit Lachmani

Senior Organizational Consultant who manages projects for the implementation of changes, conducts behavioral workshops and guides senior managers. She has an extensive background in managing human resources.


 "The success of a journey in the world of counseling is based on transparency, co-operation and incremental steps.”


Merav Mano

Director of Service & Sales specializing in building and developing the managerial backbone of organizations. Expert in developing content for organizations, improving the customer experience and making it a loyal and repeat customer.

"I believe in turning the management vision into practice and turning work routines into habits."


Nili Tal

Organizational Consultant with expertise in Leadership Development and intrapreneurship within organizations.

“Leadership is about leading people to achieve beyond their own expectations of themselves.”


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