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Process Improvement

Our Experience – Your Path to Success

Planning a new strategy? Losing profit? Receiving complaints about poor service? Is there a desire to improve?

We identify gaps, processes requiring improvement, plan and implement alternative processes. Our methodology promotes co-operation amongst employees and strengthens their commitment for improvement.


Throughout years of experience, we have successfully improved hundreds of business and operational processes and we would be happy to do this for you. 


How Do We Improve?

  • Map the gaps.

  • Create a work plan.

  • Communicate.

  • Obtain stakeholder buy-in.

  • Identify optimal work processes, define procedures and roles & responsibilities.

  • Integrate new processes using our tools for managing the change.


What Do Clients Benefit?
  • Organizational goals achieved quickly.

  • Adopted business strategy.

  • Cost savings.

Improvement Teams

When the solution comes from within, the path for improvement is minimized

Are you interested in optimizing, saving, improving? Our experience in the field teaches that having improvement teams are the key to success.


How Does It Work?



  • Identify and build functional teams.

  • Train teams to use analytical and creative thinking.

  • Provide ongoing methodology support to improvement team members.


The Team Members:

  • Recommend solutions to senior management.

  • Are responsible for implementing the solution.


Value of Improvement Teams

  • Establish and maintain a continuous improvement culture.

  • Combine creative solutions with data-based decisions.

  • Create synergies to minimize issues that fall between the cracks.

  • Streamline existing processes.

Documenting Procedures

Create Unified Processes

Are your procedures sitting on the shelf? Our clients “live and breathe” their procedures and put them to use.


How Do We Do This?

Our consultants apply our methodology resulting in employees following procedures.

  • A “round table” discussion is held with all stakeholders and all voices are heard.

  • Procedures are documented during the discussion.

  • A plan is built for adopting the new procedures.

  • Employees are encouraged to work according to the new procedures.

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