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Workshops & Events

Learning Through Experience

Our Workshops are:

  • Experiential.

  • Tailored.

  • Creative.

  • Enjoyable.

Workshops for Developing Managers

Executive development workshops provide a learning experience.

The workshops offer:

  1. Introduction to managerial methods and tools.

  2. Building partnerships amongst participants.

Enhancing management abilities

Workshops for Customer Service

Improve service provision skills through innovative techniques.

Learn to create the difference that makes clients satisfied with the service provided. 

Learn to ‘go the extra mile’ for your clients

Instructional Guides

When the in-house training team learns and embraces new methodologies, the entire organization benefits from quality-driven learning.

Our training strengthens inter-organizational training teams, and with their help they are more skilled, creative and up-to-date.

Strengthening in-house training teams

Case Studies Workshops

Are you facing challenges providing service or with sales?

Our Case Studies’ workshops provide tools to help overcome these challenges. Your employees are the players and scenarios are created to simulate the day-to-day reality. These workshops are ideal for learning to deal with specific challenges.

From practice to action

Training Internal Change Consultants

The organizations’ employees are the ones who lead the change - it is possible! We strengthen internal change consultants who support management and stakeholders.

The training includes the following consulting tools: Building a work plan, gaining employee buy-in, mapping stakeholders, dealing with objections, and ongoing management of the change management project.

Strengthening internal capabilities for effective change

Company Events

We design and facilitate innovative programs customized to the needs of the target audience. We deliver unique content; plan carefully and; combine value with enjoyment. The result is quality content tailored to the target audience and event. The participants leave the sessions motivated, inspired and with a positive feeling.

Achieving organizational goals can be fun and meaningful

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