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A new CEO asks

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

I was appointed as a manager in an experienced company. This is not my first job, but I was still surprised to find a large, tired and unambitious staff. One-on-one they often talk about successes and praise themselves. I do not want to destroy their confidence, but they need to be realistic. We raised the question in our senior executives’ course and received practical answers: - Awareness - The way to achieve it is balanced feedback. Give real feedback which should always be composed of "improve and preserve". - Data - Sometimes the answer is simple. Prepare a control report to analyze the existing situation. Each manager will analyze his responsibilities according to the report and write what he intends to change - Definitions - Sometimes out of a desire to say things directly, we forget to plan our message so that it gets said in a way that can be heard. Design your feedback so it can be accepted and adopted. The group's summary was worn-out but true: It is not important to be right, it is important to be smart - do not just say everything you think, but find the right time, place and with the appropriate respect

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