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An unknown fact about change management

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Organizations today take change management seriously. The organization does its best to monitor, preserve and plan ... But the "jewel in the crown" - the project team is neglected while planning the change. Ironically, it is precisely this population that needs to receive the "best cut" of the change management!

Think that there the change will go smoothly? Our experience shows that the connection between people of different professions, organizations with different cultures, conflicting loyalties and a different work culture create a Tower of Babel. Foreign languages, conflicts, people who are used to acting in a certain way, and it is clear to them that it is the right way ... and this is true of all of us...

The project team is the leading family: the best people in the organization and the partners you have chosen who start with a lot of motivation, and down the road we see them exhausted, no energy and nurture negative feelings about the organization. "My quality of life has gone down since I

You want the project to run smoothly and not get mired in irrelevant details? Do not ignore the project's leads.

A. Before setting out, bring in the organization’s staff for a professional workshop to coordinate expectations, define the "project language" and build a mechanism for managing the projects we know we will run in to ... Be prepared - this workshop will have to be repeated at least once more.  

B. provide team leaders with tools to run businesslike meetings, to follow up on decisions made at the meetings and create a team atmosphere. You may be surprised to know that this is not a given. Not every professional has these important tools in his toolkit.

C. Invest in building team spirit. We know that at some stage the huge investment of team members creates bitterness and exhaustion. Do not let that happen!! create experiential surprises, happy hour, social gatherings. Do not underestimate this. The team will understand that they are going to battle covered by Iron Dome – a team that protects each other.

D. Take care of all the cards that are close to the vest - do not let conflicts of interests and territorial battles take over the project. Face them head on and take care of them! Sometimes emotions are very difficult, and you need professional help, do not hesitate - these conflicts do not evaporate if you do not treat them ...

E. Recognition! Recognition! Recognition! As much as possible and even that won’t not be enough. Show your appreciation to the team, to direct and indirect managers, to the entire organization

Remember the situations in which we connect different families in one event. It's not simple at all ...

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