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Creating a Change Agents group - a good idea, bad execution

Why doesn't this work?

The challenge begins with choosing the change agents. Usually those who are available are less suitable and those who are suitable are very busy.

Why does this happen? Fear of confrontations, pessimism about finding a solution to the issues of availability and a desire to "connect" more employees to the change.

To solve the availability vs suitability dilemma, we divide the change agent group into two.

* Agents of change before the training stage - we will take people with a verbal ability, good employee connections, the ability to lead and openness to change

* Agents of change for the training stage and after the changeover from the project to routine - we will take those with technological capabilities, training skills, organized and capable of resolving conflicts.

Each group is suited to the needs of the project and will therefore provide the most appropriate response at the right time

To get the criteria A list for choosing the best change agents, please contact us

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