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Everyone is happy with the employee except.....

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

This time we will bring the story of Hadas -a talented manager who has been struggling with a problem that has been bothering her for a long time. Hadas is a relatively young manager and manages the leading core product of the organization. Hadas turned to us due to a dilemma about one of her employees who she says is "overshadows my management." Hadas says that Naomi was hired two years ago after a very successful interview in which she impressed her very much. The customers really like her. In contrast, the team does not like her at all. Naomi "does not let anyone express themselves." She keeps reminding them of her experience, even when it is irrelevant. It is a very complicated situation. The customers keep asking for her. She receives only positive feedback from internal interfaces in the company. The team doesn’t satisfy Hadas says that she has spoken with her countless times, set boundaries and explained herself softly, assertively, kindly, but there has been almost no change. What would you suggest? For those who have come across a similar case, we are available for personal consultation on Messenger

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