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Honey, I forgot the kids!

How not to leave anyone behind in the organization's internal marketing activities

A conference on beginning a company change management process in a medium-sized high-tech company. There was a familial atmosphere. The conference was a success and at the end, together with the higher management we sat down for a breather. Suddenly a senior manager approached and asked to speak to me privately. In the conversation he said he was hurt by the change management team. "why?" I asked. "You held such a big conference and did not think to invite me and the department."

I realized there was a problem here. I would like to devote this post to analyzing populations with a stake in the company's future so that similar situations do not recur.

Since then, for each activity, a table of interested parties is created, in the following order: Who should be informed, who needs to participate, who should receive a summary, who should lead the process and who should approve it. We suggest you adopt our table for any marketing activity!

As in every family, we also hurt others and are hurt by others, and as Yom Kippur approaches, we should ask forgiveness from anyone who was hurt.

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