• Michal Blat

HR Manager, Wait! Do you know how many changes are planned in the organization this year?

"There is never a dull moment. We are overwhelmed by changes, and our organization is changing all the time". Please take a moment to see how many changes are taking place at the same time - usually the answer is more than five. So, what happens with change management in this type of situation? How do I manage all the changes at the same time?

What is the leading principle for managing all the changes occurring within an organization throughout the year?

Every change has its own project management, road map, timetable, and often its own politics …As such, in organizations where there are a lot of parallel changes, the role of an HR Manager is to manage the "traffic" so that there is no congestion in the process ... have one change management process, which manages and synchronizes all the changes in the company without generating a "traffic jam". Your job is to create the common ground for all changes by extrapolating it from the change strategy and building a single work plan that will address the entire process.

Employees should see the organization operating in one, synchronized track. Otherwise, they will get the feeling that the organization is disorganized and unclear of its vision of the future, and afraid the company may recalculate its steps.

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