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The CEO Trap

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The first words spoken by the CEO at a kick-off meeting are the key sentence that we get almost every time we begin a change process: "The present situation it is impossible, everyone understands this. There won’t be no issue with adapting to the change here”. This sentence includes two contradictions and if we do not know how to identify them, we encounter barriers to the change, exposed and unprepared: First, the difficulties of adapting to change are often emotional. Therefore, a "logical" solution will not adequately address most situations. Second, it appears that even when there is agreement as to the disadvantages of the existing situation, there is no agreement on the right solution Everyone has an idea or a different way of thinking as to what is the right change. How do you manage this confusing situation? Most importantly, do not fall into the trap of "everyone wants change." Plan a gradual and structured change, and especially - share all stakeholders in all relevant decision crossroads! The agreements will divert from dissatisfaction to creating a joint solution

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