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What is the difference between internal marketing and change management?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

A common mistake is to focus on an internal communication program instead of change management Imagine a world in which we are told how important it is to eat healthy, be patient and exercise, and we all just do it. Sounds unreasonable, right? So why when it comes to change management are there those who think that communication and explanation are enough??!! A quality program for change management should enable employees to adopt the vision, including a new approach, new processes and ... new behaviors. Do not be naive and think that this can be changed just by communication ... Add the following to the change management program: Administrative actions: harnessing to a new vision and approach, monitoring and control, example and handling exceptions Professional training of the new work processes by internal and external content experts Peer support by change agents in a formal and informal manner Need to adopt Managerial leadership Professional training Peer support Internal marketing

Vision and approach + + + +

Work processes + + + +

New behaviors + + + +

Remember, if you could make changes based on marketing we would magically become happy parents to perfect children, healthy in mind and body.

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